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Dog No-Pull Harness - Size Guide 

To ensure a safe and comfortable fit, measure your dog's body loop (A) and chest width from armpit-to-armpit (B) and compare it to the size chart below. 
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Red Dingo’s No-Pull Harnesses are less complicated, making the initial adjustment easier for a better fit and then less confusion every walk there after. Our specially designed hardware can be adjusted to remain clear of sensitive armpit areas. Made from our soft abrasion-resistant webbing for a durable and comfortable relaxing walk.
  • No Pull Harness
    No Pull Harness
    Stops dogs from pulling for a more enjoyable walk time.
  • Signature Bucklebone
    Signature Bucklebone
    Designed to be the strongest side-release buckle in the industry our Bucklebone clip is stylish and super strong.
  • Comfortable Webbing
    Comfortable Webbing
    Our premium nylon webbing is super soft, comfortable and designed to withstand years of daily use.
  • Easier to Adjust
    Easier to Adjust
    Compared to other no-pull harnesses, ours are less complicated and easier to fit. They also fit a wider range of dog sizes.
  • Gentle on Armpits
    Gentle on Armpits
    Our custom designed adjustable T-connectors can be adjusted away from the armpit to reduce chafing.
  • Designed in Australia
    Designed in Australia
    Designed and tested in Australia.
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Is your No Pull Harness hard to put on?

Our No-Pull Harness has been designed to have more adjustability and be easier to put on dog, compared to market-leading no-pull harnesses.

How does a No-Pull Harness work?

A no-pull harness reduces pulling by re directing the dog's movement. When a dog is pulling ahead, it will be in front of the walker. The strap across the chest controls the movement of the outer leg by re-directing the dog back towards the direction of the dog lead. For this to work, the harness must be fitted properly.

How do I choose a harness size?

Please refer to the size guide, near the size selection. Choosing the correct size for this product is crucial to ensure it performs the no-pull function effectively.

Will this harness chafe my dogs armpits?

Our No-Pull Harness has been specifically designed to minimise chaffing. Our custom designed hardware can be positioned away from the armpit without reducing the no-pull functionality, and our super soft webbing is easy on the skin & coats.

What makes Red Dingo No-Pull Harness different to other no pull harnesses?

We have designed this harness to be less complicated than other no-pull harnesses. The single buckle on one side (right) means the harness can only be put on one way and, unlike other no pull harnesses, the specially designed hardware can be adjusted away from the armpit area to minimise chaffing.

Red Dingo nylon products are machine washable (max. 40°C/104°F). We recommend using a wash bag. Airdry only. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

We are committed to producing the best quality pet accessories available. Every item we produce is 100% quality guaranteed - if you are not completely satisfied with your Red Dingo product, then neither are we. Please contact us if you have any questions, issues or compliments.