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Cat Harness and Lead Combo - Size Guide 

Red Dingo Cat Harness and Lead combo kits include a 1.2m/4ft lead and adjustable harness. To ensure a safe and comfortable fit, measure your cat's body loop just behind the front legs (A) and neck loop (B) and compare them to the size chart below. 
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Red Dingo Cat Harness and Lead sets are a must-have for cats who love to get out and about. The harness features two Fish Clips for easy on & off, and abrasion-resistant webbing with length adjusters for a comfortable fit. The padded-handle lead has been designed for user comfort and has a size-appropriate attachment clip for cats.
  • Padded Handle
    Padded Handle
    Features a padded handle to provide excellent user-comfort, even on long walks.
  • Fish Clips
    Fish Clips
    Our stylish Fish Clips make these cat harnesses easy to put on and easy to take off.
  • Stylish Designs
    Stylish Designs
    Special ribbon weaving techniques ensure durability and produce vibrant abrasion-resistant designs.
  • Stainless Steel D-ring
    Stainless Steel D-ring
    Our stainless steel D-rings are fully welded for strength and will not rust or corrode.
  • Adjustable Cat Harness
    Adjustable Cat Harness
    Neck and body loops can be adjusted to suit different sized cats.
  • Designed in Australia
    Designed in Australia
    Designed and tested in Australia.
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What size collar should I choose for my cat?

Red Dingo harness and lead combos are available in one size for adult cats. This size should fit most adult cats, except for extra-large cats.

Will my cat like wearing a harness?

This is very dependent on your cat. Some cats will wear a harness without any problem, whereas others will not enjoy it. Not all cats are outdoor cats either and walking on a lead may take them some time to get used to it.

Can I use this for my kitten?

Our harness and lead combos are designed for use with larger cats aged 6+ months. If you want to use the harness on your kitten, only use if it fits snug against the body.

How do I adjust my cat’s harness?

Locate the adjustment sliders on the harness. Next, ‘push’ the webbing from one side to create a loop of excess webbing inside the adjuster. Then ‘pull’ the excess webbing out the other side.

Are the clips on this harness breakaway clips?

The Fish-Clips we use on our harnesses are not safety-release (breakaway) clips.

How do I undo the harness?

To undo the clips on our cat harness, press the prongs on either side of the clip to release the buckle.

Red Dingo nylon products are machine washable (max. 40°C/104°F). We recommend using a wash bag. Airdry only. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

We are committed to producing the best quality pet accessories available. Every item we produce is 100% quality guaranteed - if you are not completely satisfied with your Red Dingo product, then neither are we. Please contact us if you have any questions, issues or compliments.