Protect your Pet with Red Dingo QR Tags

Every Red Dingo QR tag includes a free PetHub online profile showing:

  • Emergency contacts (owner, sitter, neighbour, vet, relatives, etc)
  • Medical details (including medications, vaccinations, etc)
  • Rabies tag and license information
  • Dietary needs, and much more!

Sample Profile


To help get me home, please call 1-855-PET-HUB1 (US)
or +1-774-4MY-INFO [+1-774-469-4636] (Worldwide)

Owner: Red Dingo
Animal Type: Dog
Gender: Male
Rabies Vaccination Id: 12345
License Id: RD12345678
Favourite Activities: going on adventures
Biography: I love going to the park and playing a game of ball! Nothing is more exciting to me than the hundreds of new scents I love sticking my head out of the window and feeling the wind on my face when I am going for a ride to my next adventure!
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