Multipurpose Dog Lead Safari Green

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Multipurpose Leads - Size Guide 

Our Multipurpose leads come in a range of widths. We recommend choosing the same size width as the collar. 
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Red Dingo Multipurpose Leads are adjustable in up to 6 different ways. By attaching the clip to one of the three D-rings along the lead you can easily change the length of the lead: 1.1m (3.6ft), 1.3m (4.2ft) and 1.7m (5.7ft). Go hands-free and use as a shoulder lead or carry as a shoulder sling when your dog is off-lead. Use as an easy tie-up at the shops or café without having to take the lead off or put a knot in it.
  • Multipurpose
    Configurable for use in six different ways.
  • Adjustable Length
    Adjustable Length
    Adjust the length for different situations: 1.1m (3'6") , 1.3m (4'2") and 1.7m (5'7").
  • Hands-Free Shoulder Lead
    Hands-Free Shoulder Lead
    Use as a shoulder lead for hands-free walking.
  • Shoulder Sling
    Shoulder Sling
    Easily carry the lead as a shoulder sling when your dog is off-lead.
  • Temporary Tie
    Temporary Tie
    Use as a tie-up at a the shops or café.
  • Designed in Australia
    Designed in Australia
    Designed and tested in Australia.
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What is a Multipurpose lead?

Our Multipurpose leads have multiple 'settings'. Adjustable to three lengths, use as a hands-free shoulder lead, or use as a temporary tie outside a shop of café.

What are your leads made from?

Our nylon leads are made with premium nylon webbing which is super soft but durable. Our design range features woven ribbon designs sewn on top of the webbing. Our reflective designs feature a durable reflective print design.

Where is the handle?

Due to the adjustability of our Multipurpose lead there is no 'handle'. Our webbing feels soft enough that the handle can be anywhere which feels comfortable.

My clip is jammed up, what do I do?

The snap-hook spring and track can get sometimes get clogged with debris like dirt or sand.

  1. Inspect the spring mechanism and remove any visible debris.
  2. Wash the clip thoroughly in clean water before drying completely.
  3. Finally, apply a few drops of lithium-based oil to the spring.
  4. If this doesn't fix the clip, you can get a here.

Red Dingo nylon products are machine washable (max. 40°C/104°F). We recommend using a wash bag. Airdry only. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

We are committed to producing the best quality pet accessories available. Every item we produce is 100% quality guaranteed - if you are not completely satisfied with your Red Dingo product, then neither are we. Please contact us if you have any questions, issues or compliments.